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Policy Development and Evaluation

With the ever-changing environment in law enforcement, it is important to ensure that an agency's policy's and procedures are up to date, reflect the needs of the agency and its officers, and ensure the continued trust of the community.
Policy is often vague and confusing, especially in high liability areas such as use of force. When engaged in high stress and rapidly changing encounters, officers need to focus on the issue at hand and not about being within policy guidelines. 
For example, during an officer-involved shooting, many investigations often leave an officer feeling as if she has done something wrong, or she is pressured into making a full detailed statement, either immediately after the shooting or when the investigators are ready, even after the officer has been awake for 12-24 hours or more.

We work with agencies to develop policies that both reflect the professionalism and high standards of the agency and the professionalism and the dedication to duty of the officers. 

When an officer knows that his department is looking out for his best interest and not just the department's, he can concentrate on the job at hand rather than worrying about the unknown. Knowing this not only improves the effectiveness of the officer and the department, but ensures thorough, professional, and open investigations that increase the level of trust in the various communities the agency serves.

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