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About Invicta Strategic Solutions

Invicta Strategic Solutions is a veteran-owned company whose goal is to reduce threats both for law enforcement agencies and personnel as well as civilian organizations and their employees. At Invicta Strategic Solutions, I am dedicated to providing training to officers that makes them both better officers and helps ensure they survive their shifts so they can go home to their families. In my more than 30 years of law enforcement (and military) experience, I have learned the importance of having both the skills needed to successfully and corrrectly do the job, and policy that is reflective of the needs of the officers and the community.

By pairing simple and effective defensive tactics with a use of force policy that is easily understood and keeps officers from having to second guess themselves in the heat of the moment, both officers and agencies will reduce: the risks of increased injuries to both the officers and the offenders; excessive uses of force involving non-lethal and lethal weapons, and the number of lawsuits that result from these types of incidents.

Our goal is to prevent officers from having to escalate levels of force throughout a confrontation by using the force necessary from the outset to mitigate higher levels of force used overall.

Invicta Strategic Solutions also recognizes that agencies may require assistance with various aspects of both administrative and operational protocols. A well run, professional law enforcement agency is critical to the communities they serve and to the officers who are serving. We are committed to maintaining the high level of professionalism that the law enforcement community provides to its citizens.

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